Month: July 2019

Open Directories

Open directories are places on the internet with directories that are unprotected. Normally when you create a new directory on your server you add and index.html or index.htm to it so that a search engine will not simply load the page along with an index of whatever may be in that directory. I found […]

Chicken Talk

Posted by Dell on 07/18/2019 I was watching a commercial for a chicken farm, a popular brand of chicken we have all probably eaten (Unless you do not partake of meat then please excuse me). They called it a safe  and clean place for the chickens. Yes, the announcer said, ‘We maintain a safe and […]

Mister Bob free preview

MISTER BOB Collected Short Stories Published with Amazon Mister Bob: Collected Short Stories is Copyright © 2015 Dell Sweet Copyright © 2015 by Dell Sweet All rights reserved Cover Art © Copyright 2015 Wendell Sweet This book is licensed for your personal enjoyment only. This book may not be re-sold or given away to other […]

Dreamers: The book of Memories

Dreamer’s Preview Posted by Geo, June 22, 2019 12:28:52 This is an excerpt from the Dreamer’s  book, Geo This is copyright protected property. If you wish to have some one read this please do not copy and redistribute this work; point the reader to this page. Copyright 2019 Dell Sweet ~ In The Sunlight: The […]

Self Image

Posted by Dell Sweet 07-05-2019 Good morning. I am going with morning because technically, here in New York, it still is. The Earth’s Survivors website and The Zombie Plagues website, as well as Geo’s own website now have free previews or direct links to free previews of the books available to you to read. Or […]