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THE ZOMBIE PLAGUES LINKS From Geo Dell Geo Dell on I-tunes: The Author of The Zombie Plagues. All the books all with FREE Previews! The Zombie Plagues Book One: The apocalypse begins… Geo Dell: The Zombie Plagues, book Two: The living have fallen only to rise again as the living dead… Geo Dell: […]

Trucks Stuck in 4 wheel drive

Classic Geo Dell Trucks Stuck in 4 wheel low: For you that don’t know, I live in the north, close to Canada, and this year we have seemed to get a lot more snow and cold than usual. Last week I went out to get the truck ready for a run into town. Normally not […]

America The Dead Book Links…

The America the Dead series follows the individual groups as they struggle to survive the apocalypse. These are designed to be single stories, yet still part of the Earth’s Survivors story. The Dead, the problems of finding food. Problems with other groups of survivors.: It’s all here as the survivors pick themselves up and begin […]